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Strategic Relationships

We are proud to represent & work with organizations that offer consistent quality products and follow the latest in technology and market trends. Following are our list of some companies:

# Brand Origin Area
1 Bycosin Sweden Heavy Fuel Treatments
2 Ferrocare Japan/India Complete Oil Cleaning Solutions
3 Merkel & Simrit Germany Complete Sealing Solutions
4 MEA United States Actuators Guide Measurement & Gauging Systems
5 RA Spectrum India Hydraulic System Design & Cylinder Manufacturer
6 Polyhose India Hydraulic & Industrial Hoses
7 Trident India Oil Cleaning Solutions


Preferred Partners

Among others, we are also working closely in promoting products from the following companies.

# Brand Origin Area
1 Grainger USA Industrial Products Distributor
2 Testo Germany Test Instruments
3 E-com Germany Ex - Test Instruments and Mobile Communications
4 Technique India Tamperproof Seals
5 Gates US/UK Industrial Automative Belts, Hydraulic fitting/Hoses

JTT Group has consistently embraced innovation to achieve an efficient and superior level of excellence..